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         The Navy CB Reenacted is dedicated to preserving the history of the veterans of World War II by educating the public on what life was like during the 1940s for the US Navy Seabees. 


Who We Are. What We Do. Why We Do This.                   


                We are a group of Progressive Living Historians who are devoted to the education of the general public with an emphasis on the life and times of the US Navy Seabee during World War II.

We always strive to do what is best for our members and the history we portray.  Safety and health come first and everything we do or choose not to do is because of these two considerations.  The primary mission of The CB Bn. is to educate the public on the life and times of the average Navy CB during World War II by participating in Living Histories. While at these events we strive to pass on our knowledge.

Our secondary purpose is to provide a safe and family oriented atmosphere.  Even though we portray sailors we will act in a gentlemanly manner.  Foul language and rude language will not be tolerated.  Also, public drunkenness will not be tolerated and anyone in violation of these rules will be asked to leave the Bn. and possibly the event.

        Although this re-enactment group may appear intense in its desire to reach this objective, the only way to get there is high Espirit de Corps and comradeship. There is an advantage in participation of historical events, sharing experiences with veterans, and understanding how our families lived in times gone by. Getting started in WWII re-enactment can be an enigmatic experience. And, depending on how much assistance one is given, that experience can be positive or negative. Therefore, other Seabees will assist in acclimating new personnel into the unit.






We are available for school presentations, scout meetings, or other historical events.  We participate in eras from 1860s to 1970s.  Please contact us for more information.



We portray a Construction Platoon in a Naval Construction Battalion in both Europe, as of 1944, and Pacific Theaters, as of 1942.  All uniforms and equipment will be no later than this date.  Members are encouraged to obtain period tools that were used by the Seabees.


Items must be original or quality reproductions.  Team Leaders will assist recruits in obtaining basic uniforms and equipment.


Supply Level I (Clothing, Pacific) - Upon completion of Level I the member will be eligible for unit membership.  As most Seabee units served in the PTO the CB Bn. chooses this theater as our basic impression.  Any combination of shirt and trousers may be worn together.  Though it is recommended that the Chambray shirt and Dungaree Trousers be obtained first.


Hat, White “Dixie cup” (dyed with coffee for field use)

Shirt- Chambray, P41 Utility, P42 Utility, or USMC Khaki (choose one)

Undershirt, White, T-style

Trousers- Dungaree, P41 Utility, P42 Utility, or USMC Khaki (choose one)

Belt, Black w/ black open face buckle or Belt, USMC with brass open face buckle

Socks, Boot- Khaki, OD, or Grey

Boots, Rough-Out, Brown, USMC

Dog Tags

Chain, Dog tag, M-1940 or White Cotton Tape

ID Card


Helmet, M1 with Liner

Leggings, Dismounted, M-1938 or Leggings, USMC or USN

Belt, cartridge, M1923 (for M1903 Springfield and M-1 Rifle) 

Belt, Pistol, M1936 (for submachine guns, carbines, and pistols)

Pouch, First Aid, M1910, M1924, or M1942

Cover, Canteen, M1910 (times two)

Canteen, M1910, M1942, or Stainless Steel (times two)

Cup, Canteen, M1910, M1942, or Stainless Steel

Bayonet (for rifles only)


Supply Level II (Dress Uniform)


Hat, White

Jumper, White

Undershirt, White, T-style

Trousers, White

Belt, Black w/ black open face buckle

Socks, Black, Dress

Shoes, Black, Oxford with leather soles



*All jumpers and shirt will have Rate Badge and Seabee Shoulder Patch on left sleeve.

**Ribbons will be worn with jumpers.